Plain Pursuit

A Daughter's of Promise Novel
Beth Wiseman
Thomas Nelson

Reveiwed by Cindy Loven

Carley's dear friend Lillian has moved to Amish country.  Not only that, she has converted to the Amish religion.  Arriving for a visit, and a forced vacation by her boss, Carley is going to use this visit to write an article for her newspaper, but also to catch up with Lillian. 
Things quickly change though, as at the very beginning of her visit, Lillian's stepson David, falls and cuts his chin, using her rental car Carley drives them to the hospital.  There a doctor who seems to know Lillian's husband Samuel treats David, and disturbs Samuel.  Something just is not right about the whole story, and Carley can sense as does Lillian.  Samuel, however is not sharing or telling anything. 
Life in the Stoltzfus family is fixing to change drastically.  The doctor who knew Samuel is his brother who was shunned for leaving the Ordnung and becoming a doctor, but the big change is that David is sick, very sick.  In fact his life is in danger, he will die without a kidney transplant.  Of all the family, the only who is a match is the the doctor, Noah Stoltzfus.  Samuel is full of mixed feelings, he loves his brother, even though he is shunned, but Samuel must follow the shunning, and even though it allows Noah to donate the kidney, it doesn't allow them to be in contact with Noah.  How is this all going to work out??
Carley, facing her own demons, concerning hospitals, death and infertility, finds she is quickly falling for the shunned doctor.  She realizes how important family is to him, and knowing she will never have children returns home to her job in Texas. 
Will she recover from her broken heart?  Will David live?  Will Dr. Noah Stoltzfus donate his kidney to a family member who cannot even talk to him according to the Amish Ordnung?  Where will all of this bring Carley faith in God?
A heart gripping story, full of twists, turns and even a bit suspenseful.  Beth Wiseman has written another wonderful Amish story that will thrill her readers.  You will not want to miss this book. Recipes and discussion guide at the end of the book. 346 pages US $14.99  4 and half stars

This book was provided by Thomas Nelson for review purposes only.

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  1. I loved this book and had trouble putting this one down.....I read it in 2 days. I think it is a record for me.