The Saddle Maker's Son by Kelly Irvin Review

My Thoughts:
Ack, I cannot decide. Which one of this series I like best. Do you ever have that problem? The good thing about this series is you can read them and they will stand alone. Reading them all however, will help you see the whole picture. Kelly Irvin amazes me with her writing, I just feel like I am part of the story. This story was special, I felt like it showed a side we rarely see in Amish stories. The side that reaches past the Amish community. The side that took in two little children who were strangers among them. Also, I loved how that Rebekkah is very transparent (to the reader) about her struggle of being left in the unpleasant aftermath of her sister leaving the faith. This book really was a good read, and I related to Rebekkah and Susan both. They are strong women, and were willing to help the children, anyway they were able.I didn't mention the romantic aspect of this story, because I felt the story was so much more than a romance.  4 stars from this reviewer. This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

About the book:
 Rebekah Lantz feels imprisoned by circumstances she didn’t create. Tobias Byler is haunted by regret. Can two young runaways from half a world away teach them the healing power of true family?
Rebekah isn’t like her sister, but the watchful gaze of her family and small, close knit Amish community makes her feel as if she’s been judged and found lacking. The men avoid her and the women whisper behind her back. She simply longs for the same chance to be a wife and mother that her friends have.
Tobias Byler only wants to escape feelings for a woman he knows he should never have allowed to get close to him. Moving with his family to isolated Bee County, Texas, seemed the best way to leave his mistakes behind. But even a move across the country can’t erase the past that accompanies his every thought.
A surprise encounter with two half-starved runaway children forces both Rebekah and Tobias to turn to each other to help a sister and brother who have traveled thousands of miles in search of lives of unfettered peace and joy.
In doing so, Rebekah and Tobias discover the key to forgetting the past is the one that will open the door to love and the future they both seek.

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