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School Time Blessings Do your cubs worry about school starting? The Berenstain Bear cubs were worried. School was starting soon and they were stressing out about the  subjects they struggled with. Little Honey Bear was worried about missing Mama and Papa Bear when she went to preschool. How would the Berenstain Bears get past these worries and fears?  Help from God, was where they turned. This story is adorable, but it is so true because children stress and face fears that we often miss as their parents. This story is an example of how we can zero in on those stresses and help our children. 4 stars from this reviewer. 

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Caring and Sharing Treasury
5 books in 1
Jobs Around Town
The bears take a trip around Beartown to see what they might want to be when they grow up. A cute story that brings God into discovering the talents each might have to help them determine the type of career they might choose. Great drawings around the small city of Beartown, will catch the attention of kids. The pictures are eye-catching and humorous for children. A great story that also includes a strong faith message. 4 stars from this reviewer.

Get Involved
This book is a great introduction to children about the many ways they can be involved in their city, church, school and at home. The faith message is very clear, and balanced. A flood on the river will have all of the Bear family involved in helping those  who live on the river. A great book for kids to learn about being involved. 4 stars. Super cute.

Love Their Neighbors
An absolutely adorable book about who our neighbors are, and how we shouldn't judge on first impressions. This book is a good book for kids, because we live in a world where looks and status are at the top of the ways people judge others. Truly you might compare this story to the Good Samaritan. The faith message is here, woven through the story. It is a good story that shows children that everyone we think is good neighbors might not be helpful in the time of distress. 5 stars

Gossip Gang
Well, this title should have parents very interested in what their children will learn from this book. These stories have underlying messages in them, they aren't just for entertainment. Sister Bear is having a lesson about what gossip is and how it hurts others. Sister found out how much it hurts for her friends to talk about her. She lashes out in anger, but soon learns that is not how to solve the problem. A great story that will help kids realize that even children are prone to gossip and it hurts. 4.5 stars

The Biggest Brag
Do you like hearing people brag? Brother Bear and Sister Bear seem to have a habit of trying to out-do each other with their talents and good deeds. Well, they try to out-brag each other. Mama and Papa Bear realize they have to deal with this in a proper manner. Even cloud watching brings out a competitive streak in the siblings that leaves each cub upset and angry. Grizzly Gramps will help them see the error of their ways. A good story. 4 stories.

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