Talk about Sizzle! Not sure 5 stars is enough for this story.

The Amish Firefighter by Laura V. Hilton
Talk about Sizzle! Not sure 5 stars is enough for this story.

This book is on fire, WOW! While it is about a firefighter and acts of arson are part of the story, the fire is in the romance between the main characters. Laura Hilton never disappoints with her complex stories that weave in and out of the character's lives. We know these characters like family when we finish her books, and my question is always, "will there be more about them?" The Amish Firefighter is filled with familiar characters and we can read parts and bits of their continuing stories, in the back- ground of this exciting book. Finger pointing and whispering are about to cause years of deception to crumble. Who will be left standing when the truth finally emerges? Will there be hearts intact, or broken pieces left to pick up? Abigal and Sammy's story make The Amish Firefighter come to life. You will be vested in this story by the end, this book truly is a must-read for 2016. I do want to clarify, there is  sizzling romance, but this is not a book that is lewd, graphic, or nasty. The Christian theme shines bright in this story, and yes Christians can have sizzling romances. This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

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