Summer's List (Review)

My Thoughts:
This promised to be an interesting book, and while I did enjoy parts of  the story, other parts left me a bit confused and wondering what was going on? I did feel that Summer's character in the story was a bit weak, and she just wasn't as developed as I would have like to seen her. She seemed rather juvenile for someone who was an adult.  There were several things that resolved too quickly and easily for my taste in fiction, but I wasn't the author *smile*. Overall I did enjoy the story. 3 stars from this reviewer. 
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About the book:
A dying wish alters the course of a young woman's life.
Life hadn't been easy for Summer Snow. In acts of selflessness-caring for her ailing parents and running her grandmother's bookstore-she had forfeited her youth and dreams for the needs of others. And the only tries she had at love... didn't turn out. She had the bookstore, she had her beloved granny, but she was missing something-or someone.  
Opportunity strikes when Granny sends Summer on an unexpected adventure with one Martin Langtree, a kind but gangly young man from Summer's past. A childhood friendship is rekindled, a romance is sparked, and mysteries are solved in one magical Texas summer. Will Summer strike out on love again, or will things finally go her way?
With lovable characters and surprising twists, Summer's List is a simple delight.

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