Tillie & Clementine, Noises in the Night Review

My thoughts:
I love reviewing children's stories, perhaps because it keeps me familiar with what is great about children's stories. Tillie and Clementine are two little girls with very active imaginations and a very entertaining father. Left with Dad, while Mom is away at an evening meeting, they are entertained by a bed time story. They listened closely, perhaps too closely. What followed was a humorous account of a bed time story coming to life. A very cute story with great art work. Dan Killeen has captured the essence of children believing the stories their parents tell them. Very cute story, lots of fun with captivating pictures. 4 stars from this reviewer. 
This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review. 

About the Book:
Tillie and Clementine live with their parents in an old brick house down in Benton Park. One night Mommy has to go to a neighborhood meeting, leaving Daddy in charge for a few hours. He manages to make the girls dinner, get them ready for bed, and tell them a thrilling bedtime story. A little later, though, the girls are awakened by strange noises coming from just outside their window! What could it be and what will they do? Noises in the Night contains a story within a story when Daddy tells the girls a bedtime tale about two princesses. For about the middle ten pages we are in the medieval world of castles, crowns, and dragons before returning to the original narrative and present day. From there young readers enjoy anticipating the finale of the book as it echoes the plot of the bedtime story. This device encourages children to recognize patterns and themes in books. Expressive, humorous illustrations entice kids to read and reread Tillie & Clementine stories, and in the process youngsters may broaden their reading skills. These books do contain the occasional challenging word, but kids can derive the meaning from context clues in the nearby copy and artwork.

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