Vinnie's Diner Review

My Thoughts:
Wow two books with angels in one week, that is rare for me. Not because I don't believe in angels, but because angels are hard to write about, story wise and stay close to Biblical accuracy. That being said I did enjoy this story, I did find myself a bit frustrated with Allie for taking so long to see bigger as she was told, on several occasions. This story fascinated me however because I do think that often we miss the signs of God calling out to us. I was fascinated with all that transpired to draw Allie to a decision about God. Overall a wonderful story from Jennifer Allee. 4.5 stars from this reviewer.
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About the book:
When a freak accident leaves Allie stranded in the middle of the desert, she’s thankful to still be alive. Or is she? She’s rescued from the wreck by Vinnie, owner of a roadside establishment filled with people who shouldn’t be there. Or is it Allie who doesn’t belong? Standing at the window, she recalls important events from her past and watches as EMTs pull her own body from her mangled vehicle. Suddenly, it becomes clear this is no ordinary pit stop. In Vinnie’s Diner, Allie embarks on a harrowing journey of self-discovery, literally facing her demons and making the ultimate decision…between life and death.

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