The Littlest Kitten Review

My Thoughts: 
This story is a cute idea. Was there really a kitten in the manger before Baby Jesus was laid into it? Who knows, anything is possible, we know there were other animals in the stable, so it is possible. What I like is this author used her imagination to write a story that portrays that possibility. A cute story. The artwork in this book is a bit more abstract than you normally see in a children's book, but it totally works! I enjoyed this book and will be passing it along to a nephew who is a new reader. 4 stars from this reviewer.
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About the book:
The Littlest Christmas Kitten colorfully portrays the events of that first Christmas when Jesus was born. It’s a story of how the lost is found in the midst of a miracle on a special night. On this most Holy Night there is an air of excitement as the animals in the barn move about restlessly. A mother cat is searching frantically for her little lost kitten, just as two strangers enter the stable.The story helps children gain a close-up, richer understanding of that Holy Night as they make a connection between Christmas and the cat family. Original full-color wood cut prints enhance the tale of the cats’ legacy as the story relates why cats’ purr on Christmas eve.

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