Katie's Forever Promise (Review)

My Thoughts:
You know when your into a book series, it is a great thing to have them all available at once.  I am so happy I did have this series all here, I don't think my patience level could have handled having to wait.  I truly have enjoyed this series so much.  I love Katie and her personality.  Throughout this series I have not enjoyed the character of Mabel, but this story pushed it for me concerning her. Her tactics make it easy to dislike her, but you have to feel bad for her after she realizes what her marriage is becoming.  Another great story.  Katie's new job as a school teacher was a surprise, and an enjoyable one.  Ben coming back into her life was another surprise, and really just made the story over the top! I love this book the best, I liked all three but this was my favorite.  5 stars from this reviewer. 
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About the Book:
In book 3 of the Emma Raber’s Daughter series, Amish fiction author Jerry Eicher brings the faith-filled journey of Katie Raber to its happy conclusion. Katie Raber is trying to put her life back together after Ben Stoll's devastating betrayal of her love. When she is baptized into the church, she receives a surprising offer that will keep her close to her Amish community—much to her mother’s delight. But soon Ben is back in her life again—and at the same time she finds interest from another young man, though his bumbling efforts at winning her heart show him to be a far less desirable suitor than the more polished Ben Stoll. Readers who have followed the saga of Katie and her attempts to escape the stigma of being just “Emma Raber’s daughter” will be charmed by her new look at life as a young woman with important decisions to make. Book 3 in the Emma Raber’s Daughter series

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