Deeper into the Word New Testament Review

My Thoughts:  I am pulling this review out and posting it again, because I found that I hadn't originally submitted it to the sites needed.
Very interesting concept.  100 Words from the NT, with their original Greek words and meanings.  What a great idea.  I did find it interesting the words that were picked to explore.  The suggested usage of this book is with your regular Bible study, but I can see using it as a reference for topical studies also.  A great resource to have on hand, a keeper for my book shelves. 4 stars from this reviewer.

Book Description:
Translators have done their best to render the words of the Bible into English, but capturing the nuances of the ancient languages is an inexact science. Kent gives readers an opportunity to investigate the roots and biblical context of the words within the Word. 

Deeper into the Word is a fascinating devotional, but it can also be used as an accessible reference tool, as it explores 100 of the most important words of the New Testament. Kent unpacks each word's Greek origins, shows how it is used in the Bible, and offers insights into its significance in our lives.

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