Beyond the Shadow of the Brownstone (Review)

4 out of 5 stars

Beyond The Shadow of The Brownstone My thoughts: This was a very interesting book.  Seeing life through the eyes of first, and second generation immigrants.  How hard they worked to achieve their successes.  I do want to point out, while this is a wonderful story with a great anti-abortion message, there is not an overtly strong faith message in this story.  This story is also explored and told from the viewpoint of an author who is a psychologist, and that deep thinking look into the characters psyche is present in this story.  I enjoyed the story greatly and my heart broke for Grace.  Trying to save her unborn grandchild, while personally knowing the battle and emotional roller coaster that abortion brings.  A beautifully told story, wonderful writing and imagery.  4 stars.
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About the book: 
VM Lawrence uses the mastery of literary structure to introduce each of her characters
as they transition from the “Old World” culture to their newly adopted Country and bring with them the love of family and the need of education. The skill which she uses brings the reader visual details of the actions and characters as they come alive is brilliant. 

This fictional novel touches on the third rail of politics, “Abortion” and is handled with such delicate and sensitive construction that one is not aware of the suspense that is building with the struggles and conflict generated by this adventure. BROWNSTONE pulses with life and death, sorrow and joy. We hold on for dear life traversing through the wild turbulence of trials, tragedies and triumphs. 

Knowing that Children are the spiritual and corporal legacy, the family is fractured when abortion becomes a very real issue. The psychological impact presents thought provoking ideas that are intended to impact the reader. Brownstone focuses on the inner story which drives the plot in an attempt to elicit the emotional involvement of the reader.

The reader emerges through the storm weathered and worn, but with the realization that life is precious, fleeting and fragile; and, with the knowledge that a life full of joy, hope and peace is possible, only after forgiveness. VM Lawrence reminds us that those living in depths of despair, or struggling with family problems, can find solace by offering them the wisdom that a broken, bitter and battered heart can be transformed through forgiveness, faith and trust, into a heart filled with unconditional acceptance and unending love.
About the Author:
 Dr. Valerie Lawrence is a graduate of several major Pennsylvania universities in addition to religious certification programs. Utilizing her career in psychology, she wrote her first book, "Addictive Lies",  in 2011.  For her second book, Lawrence turned to fiction.  The reader can still see her training in psychology as she develops the characters in her first novel.

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