A Couple After God's Own Heart

Building a Lasting, Loving, Marriage Together
Jim & Elizabeth George
Harvest House
Non-fiction/Christian Life/Love & Marriage

This book came with a nice interactive workbook.  A great tool for couples to bond together spending time in the word and communicating as they participate in this study.
Broken into two parts the first part is Following God together and studies the lives of Biblical couples from the Old and New Testament, starting with the first couple and ending Aquilla and Priscilla.  Each couple's lives are broken into separate chapters.  The second half of this book is Thirty Days of Growing Together, taken from the book Powerful Promises for Every Couple, 2004 by Jim and Elizabeth also.  I love the set up of this book, in the first part, the chapters cover the Biblical aspect of each couple and then it breaks it down into the wives/husbands view, with down to earth instructions for husbands and wives.  This book is a great tool for any couple at any level in their marriage. One important thing I did notice about each section, was the authors took the time to explain how to best utilize each section.  The workbook is very practical, breaking each lesson into daily assignments.  Overall this book/workbook is a definite plus to anyone's library.  Definitely recommend these books to all couples.
Workbook 134 pages $US 11.99  Book 246 pages $US 13.99 5 stars!

This book was provided by Harvest House for my honest review and opinion of the books.  No payment was provided for this review. 

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