Ocieanna Fleiss/Tricia Goyer DAY!!

Today I am celebrating the books of Ocieanna Fleiss and Tricia Goyer. 

I just want to share the wonderful work these ladies do together:

 Their latest book, Love Finds You in Glacier Bay was released 1-1-13
My review of this book:
My Review/Feelings about this Book:
WOW!! I have to say this is my favorite book from Ocieanna and Tricia.  I have read their other LFY books and this one blew me away.  Awesome story!  Awesome research, beautiful setting, beautiful historical side story.  I just don't know if I have enough word to describe how much I enjoyed this book.  I loved Grandma Ethel, she made the story for me, I am fond of Grandmother characters and this was a wonderful grandma!  I am not sure how Tricia and Ocienna will top this book, but I look forward to their next collaberation, whenever that takes place.  So my final thoughts, you do NOT want to miss reading this book!  Most definitely a 5 star story and book!  Loved the book!  Great job ladies!

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Love Finds You in Victory Heights Washington
Tricia Goyer and Ocienna Fleiss
Summerside Press
Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Rosalie Madison, was working for the war effort.  After all, her fiance' had given his life as a pilot, surely she could give her time and work as a riveter.  She loves her job, and is very good at it.  In fact maybe she is too good at it, after setting a national record for the amount of rivets done in a day, she finds herself in the limelight.  Something she is not fond of.  
Throw in the fact that a very attractive reporter, who she is trying to avoid at all cost, is trying to do a series of newspaper articles on her success as a riveter and on her life, Rosalie finds herself dubbed as "Seattle's Own Rosie the Riveter."  
Trying to keep her life together in a time of war, when all is uncertain around her, and trying to be there for her friends who still have husbands and boyfriends fighting overseas, Rosalie is stretched to the breaking point, but finding her way back to God, gives her the strength to help others and to go on.
Ocienna and Tricia have given us another great story!  I loved "Rosie the Riveter" and truly enjoyed this book.  It was a easy read, and I truly did enjoy learning more about the young ladies who kept our nation going while our boys were off to war.  Thanks for a great book!! 344 pages, $12.99 US 5 stars
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Love Finds You in Lonesome Prairie Montana

LFY in Lonesome Prairie Montana
Tricia Goyer & Ocieannia Fleiss
Summerside Press

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Julia Cavanaugh is an orphan, her parents died when she was a young girl and she has lived in an orphanage even since. But now Julia is grown and works in the orphanage taking care of the little girls there, and she loves them like a mother loves her children. Imagine her dismay to learn the orphanage is closing and the children will go on the Orphan Train to the West. 

She will travel with them, but a surprise lies in wait for Julia, one she would have never imagined her benefactress Mrs Hamlin arranging. But imagine the horror of finding out that for the price of a ticket from New York, you had been promised in marriage to a prospector/miner. An old one at that. 

Follow this story and learn what becomes of the little girls, what becomes of Julia and what exactly takes place in Lonesome Prairie Montana, that changes the lives of many of the citizens there. An exciting story, with a wonderful story of redemption and love. The collaboration of Tricia and Ocieanna is truly the results of a wonderful book. 348 Pages $12.99 US 4 stars

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