Review | Where God Finds You

40 Devotions Bringing Bible Characters to Life
Anita Higman
Standard Publishing
Biblical Fiction/Devotional

My review:
Imagine if you will Bible characters talking to you, telling you how they feel about the issues they have faced.  Anita Higman has done that with this book, and while it is all suppositional, it is a very interesting look at our favorite characters.  However it is not fiction, because she does base her character profiles upon verses straight from the Bible, where we find their stories.  It is interesting to think about how they *might* have felt about the situations they find themselves in.  My favorite part of the book, is the fact that this book can totally be used for your own personal study time.  With the discussion questions you can use this book as a personal study book or a group Bible study.  (Mine is going to be my new study for the new year)  A great tool, with interesting character profiles, you will not be bored.  I loved also the fact that Anita named the woman with the issue of blood.  233 pages  4 stars!
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About Anita Higman:
Anita is an accomplished Christian fiction writer with some 30 books published to date, (titles include A Very Merry Christmas, Love Finds You in Humble, Texas, and Love Finds You Under the Mistletoe.)

Here’s more about Where God Finds You:

“Have you ever longed to crawl into the pages of the Bible? To walk on the Judean hills or feel the spray of the Red Sea? To know what it’s like to confront a king or pour perfume on a Savior’s feet?

“In forty devotional tales, Where God Finds You breathes new life into ancient Bible characters. Through reflection on Scripture and prayer, you’ll discover a place in each of these lives of vulnerability, tenderness, truth and love – a place where you can find God….and where God finds you.”

Book excerpts:

My dreams have blessed me, and my dreams have cursed me.

I rested my head against the rocky walls—my gloomy prison chamber—waiting for my death. Like the howling desert winds, in a fit of fury my brothers had swept me up and hurled me here. And where was here? This cistern must have a name, just as mine was Yosef. But unless I am rescued my name will be no more.
--From Chapter Two: Joseph, Son of Jacob

I looked up from the spindle as a mystifying radiance spun its way into the room. It came into my presence like the falling of olive blossoms in the breeze, white and gleaming. Awestruck, I watched as the light took on the form of a creature of light!

I rose quickly, my heart bolting like that of a newborn lamb. I moved away from the light until my back pressed against the mud-brick wall. A faint sound, like a lyre, could be heard as if music radiated from his snowy robe. His face shone. Could it have been the lingering glow from being near the throne of the Almighty?

“Greetings,” the angel said. “You who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.”

I wanted to speak but could not. With tremulous hands I fingered my veil but did not lift it. What could this mean? What kind of greeting was this?

--From Chapter Three: Mary, Mother of Jesus

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