A Wild Goose Chase


Jennifer AlLee
Abingdon Press

Izzy Fontaine is overwhelmed with the deal of her beloved grandmother.  Finding herself with a supposed family heirloom quilt, she is not sure what to do with it.  She does know that Max Logan a local museum curator has great interest in the quilt.  He actually  has a letter from her grandmother saying he could have it for a display his museum has planned.  Her family however is convinced she is hiding something of great value from them.  Izzy knows her grandmother felt that the biggest treasures in life is family and family relationships.  A crazy time of caring for her injured mother, her broke brother and dealing with Max follows and make Izzy wonder what in the world her grandmother was thinking. 
I enjoyed this story very much, I did sometimes feel like Izzy didn't really "get" the value and importance of the quilt, but it was a good story and kept me intrigued to the end.  A great book, worthy of 4 stars.  Great characters, great relationships and interaction.  206 pages US 12.99 4 stars
This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review. 

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