A Jevin Banks Novel
Steven James
Revell Books
Fiction /Suspense

About the book: Placebo introduces us to magician and escape artist, Jevin Banks. Still reeling after losing his wife and twin sons, he refocuses his talent to uncover the truth in an exposé filmmaking project. Struggling to wake up from a nightmare he can’t escape, Jevin works undercover investigating a controversial program that explores direct mind-to-mind communication. He finds himself in the crosshairs of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and a killer who will do anything and dispose of anyone who gets in his way.  The truth must be uncovered before the brilliant killer makes Jevin his next victim and countless others pay the price with their lives. 

My review:  I shared the above book blurb, because I just really didn't think I could explain the plot of this book, one thing is, I did not "get" this book.  I love suspense and mystery, but this book just did not really fit that genre as neatly as I would have liked.  It is hard to reallly rate a book, you do not get into and enjoy.  So my rating for this book is going to be a bit lower than I usually rate books.  Because I did not get the story, and get into the book, I give this book a 3 star rating.  Overall it just was not what I expected.  Too much science and not enough suspense for my taste. 
This book was provided for review purposes only. No payment was received for this review. 
Available November 2012 from your favorite seller of Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group. 

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