Review | The Reason

William Sirls
 Thomas Nelson

 Reviewed by Cindy Loven

 A nearly seven foot man, who cannot speak, a blind pastor, a single mother with a little boy, and on the fringe of it all a drunk fallen woman who is just trying to keep her life together. This is the Lindy household, all managed and cared for by Shirley Lindy, the pastor's wife. What brought such an odd group together? Their love for each other, and the love of the pastor and his wife. Brooke and her little boy Alex live with Pastor Lindy and his wife Shirley and their very large son Charlie. They are not your typical family, but they are family all the same. Brooke's best friend Carla, is a woman who has lived hard, and is now trying to get her life back together. Enter a man who will change all their lives, Kenneth. After a storm destroys the cross in front of St. Thomas, the church where James Lindy pastors, a group from the hospital come to help fix it, including Kenneth. Something happens that day, that Jim hears, and Charlie sees but cannot tell. It seems to be a miracle has taken place. The cross that looked irreparable is back together, better than it had been in years. Kenneth says he just fixed it, but the others believe that a higher power is at work, especially since wherever Kenneth goes strange things happen. Leukemia strikes little Alex, and hard. It will change the way everyone involved from his mom, to the absentee dad who is now on the scene, to the doctors and nurses working his case. Their lives will all be changed, with some painful lessons learned during the process. Let me say this book was a wonderful debut novel. Very well written, and while it was a long book, I am not sure the story could have been told any faster or better. Things I loved about this book: They were all willing to accept the fact that a higher power was at work, and they were willing to believe it was God. The miracles in the book were wonderful, I cried happy tears of joy with each miracle. Things I did not love about this book: It was hard to see little Alex go through so much pain, but I understand it was part of the story, so really I cannot say there is anything I didn't love about this book. This book is a MUST read!! If you need a miracle, ONLY BELIEVE!!! A wonderful book, with a great message! 396 pages US $12.99 5 stars This book was provided by Book Sneeze for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

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