Dead Wrong

The Justice Agency
Susan Sleeman

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

I love the Justice Agency, this group of young adults who are brothers and sisters via adoption.  They formed their private investigation agency to solve the murder of their parents, and kept taking cases afterwards.  Kat Justice is hired by her friend Nancy to investigate the murder of her brother, however it basically explodes in her face, when she is called to Nancy's home and finds her friend dead, and the assailant tries to kill Kat too.  Her former partner on the police force, Tommy and his new partner Mitch are the police sent to investigate.  Tensions are high due to the fact that Kat used to have a crush on Mitch and had told him and he had basically rejected her.  Now here she is stuck with him on her case.  Further attempts on her life make this a high tension, high emotionally charged case, especially when Mitch calls in the rest of the Justice Agency.  Kat is furious with him, and her family is furious with her, for trying to protect them when she is in grave danger.  Will they catch the killer before he succeeds in killing Kat?
I enjoy Susan's books!  She is a talented writer who always has a twist or turn that surprises you in her books and Dead Wrong is no exception.  Great book, with lots of suspense and mystery!  215 pages US $5.75 5 stars
This book was provided by the author for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review. 
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