Where Love Grows


Fields of Home
Jerry S. Eicher
Harvest House Publishers

We join this ongoing story, Susan Hostetler is happy for her friend Teresa.  Teresa had come home with Susan from Asbury Square, when Susan had gone to the city, following a betrayal, but now they are back home with Susan's family and Teresa is getting married, and it seems that Susan and her betraying boyfriend Thomas seems to be patching things up.
However wedding day brings huge changes for Susan and her family.  Thomas openly flirts with a new girl and tells Susan it is over, but the biggest shock is the English man who shows up on the day of the wedding.  Returning the next day, it is revealed that he is actually Menno Hostetler's son from before his marriage who Menno didn't even know about, until the week before the wedding, when a letter from the mother came.  While Menno is happy to have a son, he knows that he will have to pay, probably being placed under the bann.
A roller coaster of emotions and reactions from Susan, and her family makes this a  heart-tugging story.  I did not particularly relate or sometimes even like the character of Susan.  She seemed a bit whiny to me, always seeing the worst in every thing. Her attitude did improve as she entered into a new relationship with the hired man Steve Mast.  This book was the third in this series.  While it could stand alone, with enough information in the book to help you follow the story, reading the other two books was very helpful for the back story. All in all a story that you will enjoy.  312 pages US 12.99 4 stars 

This book was provided for review purposes only.  No payment was received for this review.

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