The Chair

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James L. Rubart
B&H Fiction
Reviewed by Cindy Loven

I loved LOVED this book, it stretched my imagination greatly.  I have grown up in the church, and have never ever considered the concept or idea that a peice of furniture could be made by Jesus.  It  stretches me to imagine that a chair could survive for two thousand plus years, and end up in America of all places.  However that is what makes the book fantastic.  It is the unknown.  Could it be possible. 
Of all the people in America, Corin Roscoe, cannot fathom why this lady, who will not tell him who she is, ended up bringing this chair into his antique shop.  Corin is hanging on the edge by the tip of his fingers.  Financially, emotionally, and often physically.  Alway pushing the envelope, seeming to try to cheat death with his daring adventure, Corin is a mess.  His only brother is paralyzed and will not even speak to him, after an accident occurred during one of these high risk adventures.  Their parents are dead, and Corin is trying to beat the demons that plague him in his dreams.  The dark, murky water that he drowned in as a child, threatens to drown him in his nightmares.  Now a chair that might have been made by the only person who can truly help Corin, Jesus, has found its way into his life, and as the woman who gave it to him warned, his life turns into hell on earth.  He thought things were bad before the chair!  Threats, and violence follow Corin now.  It seems that the chair is greatly desired by at least one person, the pastor of a megachurch.  But is he the one who is sending the threats, and causing damage to Corin's store?
This book sucks you in, I mean literally I felt like I was in a Twilight Zone vacuum, very surreal but ohh so amazing!! I love James Rubart's books, and this one did not disappoint me.  The only disappointment was that I waited so long to read it!!  5 stars US $14.99 382 pages

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