REVIEW | LFY Mackinac Island

Elena Bissette is an only child in a family that is quickly loosing their wealth.  Her mother is determined that she must marry a wealthy man.  Elena hates the idea of marrying for money, she wants to fall in love and marry the man she loves, but she realizes as an only child, this is the only way to help her parents from becoming destitute.  So she basically bites the bullet and cooperates with her mother's plans.  
Chase Darrington is a dreamer.  He sees potential in things that others just do not see.  And this has made him successful as a business partner with his father.  Something that has rubbed his brother-in-law Edward wrong for years.  Edward wants to destroy Chase, and will do anything to do that.  Even if it brings shame upon his wife and destroys his marriage.  
This story was fascinating, the setting was lovely and makes you want to visit Mackinac Island.  Melanie Dobson's visual picture painting with words is excellent and you will fill like you know exactly what the Island looks like.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and feel it is definitely a book to share with your friends! 312 pages US $ 12.99 4 stars

This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review. 

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