Accidental Meeting

Susette Williams

I love the concept of an accident causing all the domino effects that take place when Abbey hits Bruce's car. Upset with her (former) boss's unproper actions and advances, Abbey is distracted and hits the rear of Bruce's car, and starts the domino effect, that ends up with Bruce having a broken ankle.

Her sweet disposition causes her to volunteer to help him, and she is dismayed to find out the company she has to drive him to is the company she just left.

This story had hilarious parts that will make you laugh, and things that make you want to beat someone up, when her former boss makes horrible and overly disgusting advances towards Abbey. Bruce is the hero, with those dreamy chocolate eyes. All in all a great story!   This e-book was provided for review purposes and is available at Smashwords  No payment was recieved for this review. 4 stars

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