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All week we will be posting reviews from the Christy Nominees and the books they were nominated for.  We will be having a multiple book giveaway, please leave a comment to enter.  Multiple comments will be accepted (up to 8, since I have 8 books on the Road to the Christy)  Winner of the giveaway will be announced on Monday the 16th of July

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The final review is my last review in the suspense category.  
The Queen by Steven James

The Queen

 I have to say WOW!!  When I first picked up this book, my first thought was ohh man it is going to be hard to read it is so big, 500 plus pages.  Well I was wrong!  This book was awesome, it had my CSI stuff, it had my profiler stuff, the psychological stuff, all the stuff that I love!!  I did have to put it down and pick it back up often, because it would overwhelm me with the intensity of the story.  This was not a bad thing, it was just the way I had to process the book!  I will not go into the plot of the story in my review, I will say this was the first Steven James book I have read, and the first Agent Bowers book, but I hope it is not the last!! 
My final thoughts about the book, or perhaps what the book represented to me,  I have always been the kind of person who always preferred to read the book instead of seeing the movie, and finally I have all my favorite type of crime shows in a book!! Great read!  4 stars. 

This book is available September 2011 from your favorite seller of Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group.  This book was provided for review purposes only.

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