REVIEW | Keeping Guard

Christy Barritt

Kylie Summers is petrified!! She is being stalked, a man in a black hoodie has been following her around, sending her hateful emails, and leaving horrible threatening messages on her voicemail.  Her brother, who is a police officer has been working hard trying to solve who is doing this.  However to keep her safe until they break the case he sends her to Virginia, to his friend Nate Richardson.  They served in the Coast Guard together and he trusts Nate to keep Kylie safe. 
As a cover to make it seem like it is a legit visit, she works in the resturant that Nate owns.  She can see that his heart is not in the business, but she enjoys her time in the kitchen and working there.  When one of the waitresses turned up missing, Kylie is afraid her troubles has followed her there.
I enjoyed this book so much, I love Christy's books and this one had me guessing till the end.  And WOW I was shocked, I was no where near correct with my guess of who was terrorizing Kylie.  You will be surprised!   215 pages US $5.50 4 stars!
This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

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