Review | Waiting for Sunrise by Evan Marie Everson

KINDLE CONTEST by Eva Marie Everson (click on the link)

A Cedar Key Novel
Revell Books

Imagine living your life feeling like your going to be left.  After all your daddy died and left you and your momma, and then your momma sent you away to live with a new family when you were thirteen.  Patsy Milstrap has lived her life with that fear, but she was never able to articulate it, but her actions showed it.  The many calls a day to her husband at work, the disconnected way she treated her children.  Finally a break down will bring it all to a head, and result in her being sent to a mental hospital for a while.  However that seemed to backfire as she was not willing to share her true feelings with anyone.  The death of her adoptive father 'Papa Buchwald' would bring everything to a head, where she would insist on leaving the hospital and facing life.  However hard it might be.
On the flip side of this story is the family who was left behind, her young half brothers, Harold and Billy, and her Momma.  Their life is not easy either, Mr. Liddle is a mean man and he makes life unbearable for them all.  Harold gets into trouble all the time, but Billy plugged into church and fell in love with his first friend in Gainsville.  He grows into a responsible young man, while Harold gets into more trouble and ends up going to prison.  Mr. Liddle has an affair and gets another woman pregnant and this leads to divorce for Momma and Mr. Liddle, in fact she was so infuriated she changed her name back to her first husbands last name.
This book will just tear at your heartstrings.  You will grieve as each family member tries to find their way.  You will want to shake Patsy and tell her to face her past and her feelings before it destroys her life and marriage.  I loved the story and I have to say the last pages are my favorite.  I loved the imagery that Ms. Everson creates with that final bus-ride.  A awesome end to a sad story, that seemed to have resolution.  I give this book a 4 star rating.
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Available June 2012 from your favorite seller of Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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