REVIEW | Five Miles South of Peculiar

Angela Hunt
Howard Books

Three sisters, two of them twins, but all three as different as could be.  So different you would doubt they were sisters.  Darlene and Carlene are twins who have just celebrated their fiftieth birthdays, but Carlene left Peculiar and went to the big city where she has a life singing on Broadway, or perhaps, I should say had a life, since she is facing a new challenge with her voice not returning properly after surgery.  Darlene, stayed home, and married her sweetheart, but he died early when she was forty five.  Nolie (Magnolia) is ten years younger than her sisters and has a learning disability, but functions fairly well and is determined that she too can have a life and can provide for herself. 
Their home, Sycamores, was left in trust to the family for fifty years then it will be turned over to the town of Peculiar.  The sisters are not sure where they will go or what they will do, when this happens.  
I loved this story you really could feel the tension between the sisters, but also their love for each other, and Nolie was my favorite.  She was such a special character that you wanted to sit down and visit with her.  A great book!  360 pages 4 stars US $14.99 

This book was provided for review purposes, no payment was received for this review. 

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