Wonderland Creek

Lynn Austin
Bethany House

Allie Ripley, is a spoiled young lady, who looses herself in books.  The perfect job she could ever have in a library comes to a sad end, when the Depression causes the library board to cut the payroll expenses.  Imagine her own surprise when she finds that she has invited herself to ride to Kentucky with her aunt and uncle, who are going to a spa treatment.  She decides the books that she collected for her book drive can be hand delivered and she will spend the two weeks her relatives are at the spa, helping at the little country library.  Her dismay is evident when she first discovers that Leslie MacDougal, is not a young woman as she thinks.  Even more dismaying is the fact that the very next day,  Mack (Leslie) is shot, and he and the elderly woman he takes care of decide the only thing to do to keep them all safe is to fake his death.  Allie is horrified. 
A city girl dropped into the hills of Kentucky with no modern day conveniences, each thing she faces dismays her even more.  She learns how to manage without her every day conveniences such as electricity, gas stoves, running water, indoor toilets, lights. Finding herself in the midst of a feud, she is dismayed when no one will step up and help her new friend June Ann with her new baby.
I loved this book!!  First of all I love books set in the Appalachian Mountains, this area is so unique in its history and persona.  I love this story, and while Allie did seem really rude and spoiled, she was quite a lovable character.  I did not want the book to end, and hope to see more of Mack and Allie!  390 pages US $14.99 5 stars!
This book was provided by Bethany House for review purposes. No payments were received for this review.

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