Reckless Heart

Amy Clipston

We join the Kauffman Family Bakery series again, however this time, it is in a young adult novel, which is centered around Elizabeth Kauffman's grand-daughter Lydia Bontrager.
How much can a sixteen year old take?  Lydia doesn't know but it sure seems like God is determined for her to find out.  A illness, leukemia strikes her youngest sister Ruthie, and her Mamm has to take Ruthie to Hershey to the big hospital  for treatments.  This means that Lydia has to fill in where her mom would normally.  She has her two jobs, working at the bakery and assistant teacher at the school, now she has all her own chores and her Mamm's responsibilities.  She feels like she is walking in her sleep most days.  She is exhausted, scared for her sister, and having to deal with a younger brother and sister who feel the same way.  Plus her Daed is working as many hours as possible and he is stressed about the bills piling up.  When Lydia strikes out in anger her father is furious, but he is also hurt, and this causes a rift in their relationship.  Will her life ever be normal  again?  That is all she wants is a normal life, time to be a teenager. 
I enjoyed this book, it was Amy Clipston great!! Amy really has a skill for telling the story, as a mom I wanted to be furious with Lydia, but I remember those confusing teenage years, where it seemed like life was going by too fast and you wanted off the merry-go-round of life.  A great book!  4 stars 272 pages $9.99 US
Publishing Date of May 2012
This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

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