The Amish Nanny

The Women of Lancaster County
Book Two
Mindy Starns Clark & Leslie Gould
Harvest House Publishers

We rejoin the story of the Women of Lancaster County, with the story of Ada Rupp.  We met her earlier in the first  novel in this series, but she was younger, and now we meet her again as a young woman, on the brink of the rest of her life.  However an illness that kept her close to home and under the watchful eye of her Mamm, has been resolved with taking some simple supplements, and her health is better than ever.  And now we discover Ada has decided she is ready to live life.  She won't admit it to anyone, but she is in love with a young widower whose Mammi, is her own Mammi's best friend, Will Gundy.  However it seems the bishop's daughter Leah, has decided she wants him to court her, and isn't too shy to make a move in that direction.  Leah also decided she wanted the job Ada was seeking, teaching at the local school.  Ada is crushed and jumps at a chance to travel to Europe to help solve a land issue that involves her family along with Will's family.  Accompanying Alice (Will's Mammi) and his oldest daughter to Europe, she serves as a nanny to Will's daughter, teaching her, her school lessons to keep her caught up with her class at home. 
I loved this story, and while there is reference to the back story in the previous novel, the information given is enough for the reader to get the gist of the story, without having read the previous books.  I enjoyed the story and loved the ending.  (No spoilers)  A great story, to share with friends and to keep in my library at home.  344 pages $13.99
This book was provided by Harvest House for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review

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