Interview with Beth Shriver author of Annie's Truth

Hi Beth, Welcome to Cindy's Book Reviews, I am so excited to get to talk to you today.  I just finished your book and reviewed it.  LOVED it!!  Introduce yourself to my readers and followers here at Cindy's Book Reviews.  Tell us a bit about yourself, and your family if you would. 

I'm a social worker turned author. My grown children are both in college and my husband is a traveling salesman so I get a lot of writing time.

So the question was posed about you being a new Amish author, and I haven't read any books from you, so I was wondering is this your first Amish book?

Annie's Truth is my first Amish book but I'm writing my fourth in the series. Total I've written eighteen books. Some of which are not published yet. I'm concentrating on my Amish books because I have a six book contract. 

 What caused you to write about the Amish?                                                         
I started writing Amish because I love country life. My mother grew up on a ranch and my dad a farm. I used to spend time at my grandfather's ranch in the summers and loved it. Swimming in the river in the summer, riding in the sleigh in the winter, but there were plenty of chores to do as well.

How did  you research for this book? 

I get together with a friend of mine each year for a girls trip, and last year we went to Amish Country! We thoroughly enjoyed it and were actually surprised at how much there was to do and see. We're both animal lovers and stayed at a farm helping with feeding and gathering eggs. The bishop's wife that I've come to know here in Texas told me to look up her brother while we were in Pennsylvania, so we got to talk with him and spend time at his farm. I also read non-fiction books about the Amish so I understand their ways.
Tell us what is next for you (if your able to share)
With a six book contract I'll be busy with that for awhile. I have another proposal in the works for another series so I plan to write Amish for as long as people want to read it.

Where can our readers learn more about Beth Shriver?

Can they purchase your book there, or can it be pre-ordered on Amazon?

Anywhere books are sold, and Jah I've had lots of pre-orders! (notice the Amish word I snuck in there:)

Thanks for joining me here on my website, Just one more thing, tell us something funny that most people would be surprised to learn about you. 

I love otters! I fell in love with them when I was in California and again in Alaska. I only wish I could have so much fun riding the waves and eating sushi!

Thanks for having me, Cindy. Let's do it again soon:)

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