Within my Heart

Tamera Alexander
Bethany House

Rachel Boyd is under a lot of pressure.  Trying to fulfill the dream she and her husband had for their ranch, all the while raising their two sons on her own.  After her husband Thomas died, Rachel tried her best to keep the ranch going, but severe weather and the loss of so many cattle are taking a toll on her, and the finances of the ranch. 
Dr. Rand Brookston has come west, trying to escape the nightmares that wake him up, and make him keep lamps burning constantly.  Being buried alive is the most horrible thing to live through, but the nighttime torments really are taking a toll on him.  Plus trying to serve the small town of Timber Ridge and open a clinic where they can receive good physical treatment.  He feels a great attraction to Rachel, but she is very distant and keeps him at arm's length. 
Lyda and Ben Mullins have treated everyone in town as family, and now that Ben is in failing health, the town is rallying around him. 
This story is connected by loss.  The loss of Rachel's husband, the loss of Lyda and Ben's children.  And the possible loss of many people in the town as typhoid fever is diagnosed in the community.  A story you will enjoy as you see the value of a town being educated about health issues, and working together to keep the illness at a minimum.
I truthfully enjoyed this book, it was fascinating to me, kept me up late reading.  I laughed and cried with each person as they experienced their times of joy and mourning.  374 pages US $14.99 4 stars.
This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

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