John J. Desjarlais
Sophia Institute Press

CBR Review:
Sometimes being found is easier than you want it to be. Selena De La Cruz, is finding that out the hard way.
A change in careers, from the police force to an insurance agent, with a fascination for working on cars,and expensive shoes she hoped she
would be invisible. But aiding in some issues in her local congregation, lands her picture in the paper, and also her formerco-worker in her life again, with bad news.
People are being murdered,thugs, and drug dealers. There seems to be a list left in a book at her church, and her name is the last name on the list.
She has to avoid being murdered, and help solve who is murdering these other people. "The Snake" a former drug dealer that she helped to bust is the prime suspect, but can it be proven before Selena finds herself in the news as the last victim killed on the list?
A book steeped in Catholicism, and the traditions of the Catholic church, and the Hispanic culture, this book will definitely catch your attention.
A sequel to The Bleeder, it is also a book that stands alone. There are references from the storyline of the first book, but you didn't have to read it to get this book.

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