Necessary Deception

The Daughters of Bainbridge House
Laurie Alice Eakes

CBR Review:

Set in 1812, in England, young widow Lydia Gale, helps a prisoner who showed her a kindness, only to discover that now she is being blackmailed into helping the French spy on her nation. 
Angry at being deceived, all she is interested in to doing, is getting her younger sisters through the Season.  Presenting her youngest sister and seeing her middle sister married is her goal, now this deception has invaded her peace of mind. 
Even more alarming is the prisoner whom she helped, has showed up and she has to pretend that all is well, and she finds that she actually likes him and enjoys his company.  She also finds that the man she thought was blackmailing her, could not be, will she be able to figure out what is going on, and keep her and her family safe.
I enjoyed this book greatly.  Historical fiction is often not my favorite genre, but this book moved so fast and was very action packed. A great book!!! Definitely a book to share with friends!  I guess the things that I liked most about this book, was it read like a suspense book, with lots of action, rather than a historical novel.  4 stars!!
This book is available October 2011 from your favorite bookseller of Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group.
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