A Most Unsuitable Match

Stephanie Grace Whitson
Bethany House

CBR Review

A Most Unsuitable Match was a most delightful story.  I enjoyed this book so much, while sweet Miss Fannie often made me want to shake some sense into her sometimes, other times she shone with courage.  A daughter of a well to do family, that seemed a bit short on love Fannie was grieved when her mother and father passed away within three years of each other.  After a burglar breaks in,  trying to steal jewels, upon the advise of others, Fannie goes through her mother's room to find all the valuable jewelry to take to the safe at the bank.  What she finds though is more than jewelry, she finds letters from her mother's twin sister.  Letters that are filled with love and warmth, which makes Fannie determined to find her aunt.  What Fannie finds however is more than bargained for, first she finds herself on a sinking barge, and loosing the closest person in her life, her faithful servant Hannah.  Next she finds herself faced with the decision of whether to abandon her search or to go on, after a chance encounter where a man calls Fannie by her aunt's name, she knows she must go on.  Traveling on with Samuel Beck and Lamar, workers from the barge that sank, Fannie arrives in Fort Benton only to be very discouraged.  Samuel and Lamar travel on deeper into the Montana wilderness looking for her aunt and Samuel's sister, and Fannie learns the fine art of how to do things for herself, such as cooking and cleaning. 
This book kept my interest, and I read it one setting, I did get frustrated with Fannie for her indecisiveness but then she would shine when push came to shove.  A great book, beautifully told!  4 stars, 328 pages, $14.99 US discussion guide at the end of the book.

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