A Very Private Grave

The Monastery Murders
Donna Fletcher Crow
Published by Monarch

CBR Review:

I have to say I tried very very hard to enjoy this book, but it was just a bit too academic for my taste in reading.  The author was very precise and accurate with her telling of historical events, but it was often like attending a lecture in college.  Which is understandable since two of the main characters are teachers in colleges.  Father Anthony, Felecity and Jonathon Breen are on a quest, following the steps of Father Dominic's last pilgrimage.  Hoping to find something that will reveal the murderer of Father Dominic and clear Father Anthony's name.  Wherever they go, however they find themselves in danger.  I really think this book would have held my attention much better if there had been less of the "lecture" type passages, and more action.  All in all I think the book was good, just not my cup of tea.  I give this author a 3 star rating for her excellent research skills and her ability to translate those skills into her story! 

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