Fighting for Bread & Roses

Lynn A. Coleman
Kregel Publications
Fiction/Historical Suspense

CBR Review:
Lindsey Taylor, a famous author is in Lawrence Massachusetts doing research for a new book.  She is looking into the famous mill strike of the early 1900's.  What she is not expecting is for someone to be targeting her, her past experiences in New Orleans flood her mind and threaten to overwhelm her with fear, but she leans hard upon the Lord, fighting the fear.  Knowing that there is a secret to be uncovered in this small Massachusetts town.
What do drug rings have to do with a century old strike and death? Lindsey is not sure, but she will find out if there is a connection.  Hopefully she will not be injured while she does so. 
Flipping back and forth between the historical setting and today's time this story was very interesting.  Normally I do not enjoy books that do this, because I am easily distracted and find myself having to re-read parts to keep the story straight, but Lynn Coleman did an awesome job telling this story in the present and the past.  I enjoyed it so much it was very hard to put down.  Definitely a great mystery, and a great love story also.  268 fascinating pages. 4 stars!!

This book was provided for review purposes only by Kregel Publications, no payment was received for this review. 

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