Abbie Ann

CBR Review:

Third in the Daughters of Jacob Kane series, we find the youngest daughter Abbie Ann.  Abbie Ann is a vivacious young lady intent on changing her world, one act of kindness at a time.  A Sunday School teacher, the president of the local chapter of the temperance movement, and working in her father's store, in between all the visits she does with the elderly and people who need help, she sees these acts as part of her mission in life.  Unfortunately the young man she is seeing, does not see them as such, in fact he is sure most of it would be below her station in life as his wife.  A parting of the ways opens the door for a new young man in town to pursue courting Abbie Ann.  A divorced young man, which is quite scandalous for the time of this book. 
Noah Carson moved to Sandy Shores after divorcing his wife, catching her in the act of infidelity with his business partner.  Loosing all his savings to her in the divorce proceedings, his main concern was keeping his young son with him.  A new beginning, which he was sure did not include a new love in his life, until he crashed through the window of the store where Abbie Ann was working.  Now he thinks of nothing but her. 
I enjoy Sharlene MacLaren's writing, she brings out so much in her stories that you just don't want to put down the book!   This book did not disappoint.  It is disappointing that this was the last of the series, you felt like it should go on.  I loved the book, and thank Cathy at Whitaker House for providing the book for my review.  Definitely a 4 star book!!  501 pages

This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review. 

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