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Shades of Hope Book One
Raquel Byrnes
White Rose Publishing

CBR Review:
Reyna Cruz, has been friends with twins Summer and Jimmy Corbeau since they were in high school.  A poor scholarship student at an elite school, she was the target for a school bully, until Jimmy put a stop to it all.  She fell in love with Jimmy and they had great plans to get married, but a horrible accident caused her to loose her baby, and to loose herself at the same time.  Now years later she has tried to rescue Summer from an abusive husband, but she will not leave.  It all comes to a head when an intruder breaks into Summer's home and beats her to the point of no return, and now she has died leaving a baby, and many questions.  Questions that Reyna is determined to find the answers to.  Questions that Jimmy, Summer's twin needs answered.  Beginning with who is responsible for Summer's death, and who is now trying to kill Reyna? Filled with suspense, danger and a redemptive love story, you will greatly enjoy this book! This book was the kind you do not put down till you finish it! This was the first book I have read by this author, not positive if it is a debut novel, but it is a well written story, with a great message.  She kept it pure and clean with a great Christian message!  I give this book a 4 star rating!   

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