Holy Guacamole

A Novel
Dan & Denise Harmer
Lamp Post Publishing

A famous cooking show host, and chef, Bonnie Miller has a secret that she has not shared with the public. Why does she open up to Trace Domingo? He isn't sure why, but he knows that she has trusted him with something that is very sensitive for her.
A attendee of Bonnie's culinary boot camp, Trace finds himself in the middle of Bonnie's personal crisis, her father (adoptive) is dying, and he wants her to forgive the mother who abandoned her in a Mexican orphange. A spur of the moment trip to Mexico, find Trace and Bonnie broke down on the side of the road, and then rescued, or perhaps the better word would be kidnapped by a very rich Mexican local. A wild time of escape and coming to terms with all they have been through follows.
I enjoyed this book, it was a bit slow at the beginning but quickly picked up and was very riveting at the end, the danger and excitement of the getaway and then of Bonnie facing her past was very well written. I look forward to more books from this author duo. 281 pages 3 stars
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