Tea for Two

Tea with Millicent Series
Trish Perry
Harvest House Publishers

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Just when I think that Trish Perry has written the perfect book, that she cannot top herself, she brings out another book in the Tea with Millicent series.  I love Milly, I feel like she is every sweet older lady you will ever meet all wrapped up in one, and topped off with a darling British accent.  This is how I personally picture her.
Tea for Two is a wonderful story of a single father struggling to raise teenagers who are feeling a bit independent and a bit rebellious.  He realizes after a trip to the police station to pick up his son, and a scare with his daughter lying about where she was spending the night, that he needs help.  Even professional help, and that is where Milly steps in.  One of her regular customers is a counselor and she is sure that she can help Zack, and not only that Milly is sure that Zack could use some of this counselor's attention also.
A fast paced story of how two people highly attracted to one another interact in a professional, or a trying to keep it all professional setting.  I laughed at many spots in this story, because I could just picture this story and the antics that Zack went through to keep his kids from knowing that they were being counseled, when the whole time the kids were wanting their dad counseled.
Trish does not disappoint, you will love this wonderful story!  And oh my the recipes at the back look delicious, Milly and her baking makes you hungry!  243 pages US $9.99 5 stars

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