Heart of Ice

A Triple Threat Novel
Lisa Wiehl
with April Henry
Thomas Nelson

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

WOW!! What a book, I am so glad Thomas Nelson emailed me about reviewing this book, I enjoyed the first Triple Threat book and this one was even better! 
The Triple Threat Team is together again, but this time it is different, they really dont realize that the woman who is teaching Cassidy's exercise class is a sociopathic criminal.  Each of the Triple Threat Team, meet her and are not clued into the fact that she is pyschotic. 
Cassidy, Nicole and Allison are all dealing with the "Want Ad Killer" case, but each are also dealing with personal issues, Cassidy is feeling threatened by a new upcoming intern, Nicole is just starting a new relationship and starting to relax some, when she finds a lump in her breast, and Allison is overcoming a miscarriage, and dealing with her junky sister who has come to stay with her.  So with all the distractions, it is normal that they did not pick up on anything out of sorts with Elizabeth Avery. 
Of course Elizabeth has reinvented herself quite cleverly, so it would take someone a while to figure out something just wasn't quite right with her.  Unfortunately by the time most people figured it out, they were either scammed by Elizabeth or ever worse, they were dead. 
This book will absolutely keep you reading, filled with dread of what will happen next and anticipation of having to know what happened next. It was kind of like watching a suspense movie, all it needed was the creepy music! A thriller for sure!  I read this book in one sitting, into the wee hours of the morning, and just was totally enthralled with the story.  I cannot wait for the next Triple Threat book!  324 pages Discussion questions included.  $25.99 US hardback 5 stars!
This book was provided by Thomas Nelson for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review. 

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