Beside Still Water

Tricia Goyer

2010 (Release April 2011)
B & H Fiction
Reviewed by Cindy Loven

The Sommer family, have been in the 'spotlight' of their Indiania Amish community for years, in fact everyone in their community was in the spotlight for each other. Watching each other to make sure they were living strict, holy lives, following the Ordnung. It could be suffocating sometimes, however. The horrible accident that had cost the Sommer family their two oldest daughters, and brought on the early birth of Marianna, kept them in the eyes of the other members of their community. Marianna, nearly twenty now had lived her whole life feeling that she never measured up to her sisters who died. However she was a good Amish girl, following the rules and obeying her parents in all things.

Even when it meant leaving behind her possible husband and going hundreds of miles away to a new home in Minnesota. So much about Minnesota was different than her life back home, that she really didn't know how to react to any of it. It seemed there was way too much interaction between the Amish and the English. And even the ways of the Amish seemed so different. Marianna was not sure why she was in Minnesota, but she knew that she was changing, in fact her whole family was changing, and she was not sure she could handle that.
This is the first Amish book from Tricia Goyer and it is unlike any other Amish story I have ever read. The rules of the Amish are not a key part of this story as they often are in other stories. I enjoyed this book, and think fans of Amish stories and non-Amish story fans alike will enjoy this book! 320 pages $14.99 4 stars.

This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

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