Double Identity

LI Suspense
Diane Burke
Steeple Hill Books

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

What do you do if you wake up one day and everything you know, is not as it was when you went to sleep.  Sophie Clarkston did exactly that.  She woke up one morning her father was gone, her mother had died when she was a baby, and now her daddy was gone.  It didn't matter that Sophie was now a grown young woman, her father was all she had, and she was determined to find him, regardless of the note and money he had left for her.
Hiring a private investigator was all she could do, after the police had told her that she was NOT Sophie Clarkston.  Pretty much they were saying that she did not exist, that records showed she was not who she thought she was.  She went back to Promise, Virginia the small town she considered home.  There she could stay in the cottage, that had been in her mother's family for years.  Hiring Cain Garrison seemed like a smart move.  It would prove to be something that would save her life, several times.  What she did not realize, however was that she would loose her heart to Cain, all the while it was being broken by the things he found out about her father. 
I enjoyed this book, and read it front to back without putting it down!  Diane Burke has written such a delightful story, intriguing with enough mystery to keep you guessing, and enough romance to keep you hoping that dreams do come true!  Truly a great book.  Discussion guide included. 215 pages $5.50 US 4 stars.

This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this book. 

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