Not about books...but wanted to share this...

This company contacted me and asked if I would try out their company (Build A Sign)and they arrived and are really nice, they look great on my wall, and were super duper easy to install!!

I have other vinyl graphics in my house, that I bought at stores and they are not as crisp as the ones from build a sign. The lettering is great I love the font...I guess you all want to see a picture HUH?? ROFL here ya go..a couple of pictures. This first picture is a straight on shot, taken close up so you can see the nice letting..it is eighteen inches long total.

This next shot is on angle so that you can see it is on the wall with other things too.

In fact over that mirror is another vinyl letters and you can see it doesnt pop like the build a sign one does.

Check them out here

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