Heaven is for Real

A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back
Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent
Thomas Nelson
Non-Fiction/Christian Life/Inspirational

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

The years 2002 and 2003 are years the Burpo family would never want to re-live, however the things that came out of those tough times, have been astounding. 
Beginning in August of 2002, it seemed there was a cloud hanging over the Burpo, home.   Todd broke his leg and ankle sliding into third base during a softball game, and things just went downhill from there.  Kidney stones and a possible breast cancer scare, does not cause the year to improve, by the beginning of 2003, there seemed to be light at the end of the tunnel, when what the doctors thought was breast cancer in Todd, ended up not being that. 
February 2003 brought a trip for the family to celebrate finally being past all the health scares.  The only thing is it also brought a stomach virus to little Colton.  Worried the trip would be canceled the family doctored and cared for Colton and he was soon improved, or so it seemed.  After arriving at their destination and visiting the sites they came to see, they were dismayed that Colton seemed to be ill again, but were sure it was a virus, since his sister was throwing up also.  However she quickly stopped, and Colton continued to throw up.   Starting their journey home, they quickly realized this was dire.  Calling ahead they rushed Colton to their doctor, who took them straight into the hospital for testing and admitted Colton.  Seeing no improvement and knowing that Colton would not make it unless something drastic was done, they moved him to a bigger hospital where it was discovered his appendix had ruptured.  The journey back to health was long and stressful, but Colton did survive, and live moved on.  And that is where some would think this story would end. 
However that really is only the beginning of the story, as over the next few years, bit by bit, young Colton, now four and older begins sharing what happened to him, while he was in surgery.  He was taken up to heaven.  Knowing that Colton's medical records did not show that he had died, they were really wondering if this was just the imagination of a young boy, built upon by his upbringing in a pastor's home.  However when he started telling them things that no four year old would know, they began to believe. 
This story is a beautiful glimpse into what heaven is like.  A little child's perspective of what heaven is like.  Truly a beautiful story, that will have you in tears as you read along.  A story that will bring comfort to those of us, who have loved ones in heaven.  A hopeful story to those striving to make heaven their home, and hopefully an inspiration to all.  As Colton said when the title of the book was discussed, he wants people to know that "Heaven is for real!"  157 pages $US 16.99 5 stars. 
This book was bought for me to read by a friend (thanks Michelle!)  Because I love books and love to review, I thought I would go ahead and share my review of this book. 

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