An Amish Love

Three Amish Novellas
Beth Wiseman
Kathleen Fuller
Kelly Long
Thomas Nelson

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Three seperate stories, yet connected, each story set in Paradise, Pennsylvania and each story connecting characters to the other.  I think that is one of my favorite things about novellas, is that while each story is written by different people, and each set of characters developed by each author, they are able to join them cohesively in a novella. 
These three stories take place in Paradise where they all live, each story different, one story of a young Amish woman so desperate to escape her unhappy home, that she lies to entrap a young man into marrying her.  Another story centers around an accident that took place five years earlier, leaving a young Amish woman blind, and another dead.  And causing two young Amish men to struggle in their faith and and causing such bitterness in one of them, he gets shunned.  And the last story is the story of an Amish couple who have been married for thirty years and have raised their kinner, and the husband leaves for a year.  Now he has returned home, trying to understand why he left and trying to win back his wife and his family. 
Unlike most of my reviews where I give very detailed descriptions of the book I am reviewing, this review is really about how different each of these Amish stories are.  With so many authors writing Amish books, you often find that one Amish book reads like another, and that was not the case with this novella. Each of these authors brought a fresh story to this novella by using story lines that aren't often used.  The story of the Amish couple trying to find their way back to love and harmony in their home, was a story I particulary enjoyed, due to the fact that it is story line, and actual occurence often seen in life today. I loved these stories and look forward to more books by these authors.  The book concludes with a discussion guide and Amish recipes.  387 pages $14.99 US 4 stars.
This book was provided for review purposes by Thomas Nelson, no payment was provided for this review.

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