A Place of Peace

Book 3
Kauffman Amish Bakery Series
Amy Clipston
Publish Date January 2011

Miriam Lapp, left the Amish community, heartbroken.  Betrayed by her boyfriend, rejected  by her family after the baby in her care died of SIDS.  Leaving the Amish community and going to live in Indiana with her cousin Abby, seemed the only out that Miriam had.  Four long years have passed and Miriam doesn't really fit in the English world, but her heart was so broken she was afraid she wouldn't fit into her Amish community anymore.
News of her mother's sudden death sends her rushing home, determined she will try to straighten out the mess with her Daed, and her family, but her father rejects her once again.  Seeing her boyfriend with another young woman, Miriam knows she cannot stay in Pennsylvania.  Broken hearted she returns to Indiana. 
What will her future hold, will Miriam ever be reconnected with her family?  Amy Clipston has once again brought us another awesome story from the Kauffman Amish Bakery Series, we will once again meet our friends that we met in the first two stories.  Another great story! 224 pages $12.99 US 5 stars

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