Nipped in the Bud

Susan Sleeman
Hometown Mysteries from Barbour

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Nipped in the Bud is a fun novel that you will not want to put down, Susan Sleeman has captured a quirky character in Paige Turner, a landscaper, who seems to attract even more quirky listeners to her radio show. Each chapter begins with the transcript of a call from her radio show, which will have you in stitches laughing.
Paige Turner, a local girl come home from the big city, is the owner of a landscaping business, and also the host of a radio program. Finally landing a big contract with the city, for the upcoming Picklefest, Paige is thwarted by the city manager Bud Picklemann, who seems determined to get her fired. Loosing her temper, and threatening him, Paige never dreams it will come back to haunt her within hours, when Bud is found dead in her work area. The local police chief seems to have it in for her, holding a grudge against her over something from their high school days. Paige has to find out who killed Bud, before she is sent to jail. Her handsome young lawyer seems to distract her with his good looks, but more than that, he is determined to hire a professional investigator, which angers Paige.
An exciting book you will want to finish quickly you do not want to miss this book. Susan Sleeman has once again shown that she is a gifted author. 243 pages US $10.99 4 stars.
Learn more about Susan Sleeman at her website. Also check out the contest she is hosting at The Suspense Zone.
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