Choosing to See

A Journey of Struggle and Hope
Mary Beth Chapman with Ellen Vaughn

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

I knew this book would not be an easy read for me.  And yet I still requested to review it.  Obviously some might think I am a glutton for punishment, but I really think there were words in this book that I felt in my heart that I could not verbalize.  It must be true, the enemy truly tried to stop me from reviewing this book, as the first copy was lost in the mail.  But God had a purpose.
Thank you to Mary Beth Chapman for taking the time to realize her grief and pain could help others.  That she had the words to verbalize how many mom's who have lost their children to an early death feel.  Truly her book is a book inspired and directed by the Lord and really is a book all grieving parents should read.
I connected with the feelings of anger, hurt, frustration that she expressed in their story.  Think about it, why would this happen?  No knows, but God, however there is a reason she has shared her story, and that reason is to help others and to help herself continue to process their grief.
Be prepared for tears, laughter and more tears as you read Choosing to See.  Your heart will melt with love as you come to know the Chapman's through this book, you will hear the giggles of Maria, and see her determined spirit, you will rejoice as you read of her February 20th decision to give her heart to God.  You will cry and grieve with them as they face each new battle and struggle in the months following her death.  Truly a story to give us hope that our own struggles are noticed by God, that He cares about each thing we face in our lives.  Truly a heart breaking story, with the hope that we can choose daily to SEE that God is always with us, and has our back so to speak.  279 pages 5 stars $21.99 US hardback.
Thanks to Revell for sending this book for review purposes only. 

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