The Edge of the Divine

Choosing to live a Life of Joy over a Life of Regret
Sandi Patty
Thomas Nelson
Non-fiction/Christian Living
5 stars

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

The Edge of the Divine, is Sandi Patty's story of the journey that she began in 2008, when she began her research and her ultimate choice to have lap band surgery. Not just the physical journey, but Sandi also shares her emotional and spiritual journey that she has been on since her story began. A journey in which she learned to recognize the many edges in her life. An edge is the point at which something is likely to begin. As Sandi tells her story, in her own words she shares many of those new beginnings, edges that she came to and through.
She is very candid about the fact that though she said God was her number one priority, in her life, her choices were plainly shown that food was her “comforter-in-chief. She is very open and candidly speaks of her past, of the struggles and the hurts in her life that brought her to the point of her life where she knew this edge would be the toughest to face.
I truly enjoyed Sandi's book and look forward to referencing back to it, as there were many spiritual and emotional truths that all of us must face. As an overweight person myself it truly made me think about the things that trigger why I eat, and what food is to me. Most definitely a book for all people to read, even those who do not struggle with weight issues, but perhaps are beset with other weights in their lives. 214 pages 5 stars.

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